Garden furniture trends season 2023

With spring in full swing and summer approaching, it's time to think about upgrading your outdoor space with new garden furniture. This year it's all about natural tones and textures, convenience and durability. Here are six trends to inspire you as you create your perfect outdoor paradise.

  1. Color of the season.

Beige and sand colors Beige and sand colors are not only trendy, but also very versatile. These natural tones go well with different styles and color schemes. For example, you can choose a sand-colored lounge set and combine it with green plants and white cushions for a fresh, summery look. Or go for a warm look by combining beige cushions with darker woods and earthy tones.

  1. Teak is back.

Teak wood is a beautiful material that is suitable for various types of garden furniture, from chairs to tables and benches. It is not only durable, but also resistant to weather conditions and insects. Teak wood is easy to maintain and requires no special treatment. It can just be cleaned and oiled regularly to keep its natural look.

  1. All-weather cushions.

All weather cushions are not only practical, but also comfortable and stylish. These cushions can withstand all weather conditions and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. They are available in different colors and patterns and can be perfectly combined with other garden furniture. With all-weather cushions you don't have to worry about the weather and you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

  1. Rounded shapes are all the rage.

Round shapes are not only pleasing to the eye, but also very fashionable at the moment. They create an atmosphere of cosiness and intimacy and are perfect for social gatherings. Round tables and benches are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also add an organic element to your outdoor space and contribute to a sense of harmony and tranquility. So if you want to follow the latest trends and transform your outdoor space into a cozy and intimate place, you should definitely consider purchasing round furniture. They certainly won't disappoint!

  1. An outdoor carpet completes your set.

An outdoor rug is a beautiful and practical addition to your outdoor space. It not only provides a soft surface to walk and sit on, but also a visual impact. An outdoor rug can serve as the focal point of your outdoor space and help anchor the rest of your outdoor furniture. Plus, it's an easy way to add color and texture to your outdoor space without requiring a lot of extra work.

  1. Structure in lounge set cushions.

Structured fabrics give lounge set cushions an extra dimension. Choose embossed fabrics, such as a heavily woven fabric or a textured pattern. These fabrics provide a sense of depth and interest, adding a subtle, but important layer

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