Sunbrella I Acrylic

This fabric is UV, color and weather resistant. Traditional dyeing methods only color the outside of the fibers, so they fade quickly. Sunbrella fibers are impregnated to the core with highly UV-stable pigments, which make Sunbrella fabrics highly colorfast and resistant to the harmful effects of sunlight or rain. MOLD RESISTANT All Sunbrella fabrics are designed with mold resistance. If exposure to dirt and debris causes mold to grow, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned quickly and easily. Sun cream and spilled drinks are no problem with these durable, easy-care textiles.


Olefin is a soft, lightweight fabric designed for outdoor use. The fine appearance makes it an attractive fabric for indoor and outdoor projects. In addition, olefin is environmentally friendly.
Olefin is made from synthetic materials known as polyolefins. Because it is stretchy, colorfast, stain resistant and durable, it lends itself to many uses. Olefin fabric can be manufactured in a huge variety of weaves, structures, colors and prints, making it ideal for adding color accents both indoors and outdoors.

Why choose an Olefin parasol cloth?

  • Colourfast / sunlight resistant
  • Lightfastness 7/8 (high)
  • Light Water Repellent
  • Wear-resistant / strong
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Low static / Does not pill
  • Resistant to influences of chemicals, dew, perspiration, rot and weather.
  • Dirt resistant
  • Very comfortable
  • Light (Olefin fibers have the lowest specific weight of all fibers)

Ezy dry foam

Quick Dry Foam is a type of foam that does not retain water, so you can sit on the couch almost immediately after a rain shower. The water runs directly through it, ventilates and is treated in such a way that molds don't stand a chance. Finished with sunbrella fabric, you have a cushion set that you can enjoy for years to come.

Aluminum – strong sample

Aluminum garden furniture materials are light and strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. Made of quality material, according to innovative and proven manufacturing techniques. Result? Contemporary designs with a modest, elegant beauty that blend seamlessly with any architectural style – from classic to ultra-modern.

With their lightweight frames, aluminum garden furniture is easy to move. They feel just as at home on a city roof terrace as on a sun-drenched patio. Aluminum also combines well with other materials. Alu with teak is an unparalleled classic – stylish and elegant. The weather-resistant Textilene emphasizes the airy look of the frame and guarantees pleasant seating comfort. The combo aluminum and braided plastic (wicker) is the ultimate in functionality and yet utterly romantic. And on an aluminum table frame, tops in various shades and materials fit, such as frosted safety glass or ceramic.

Teak – instant atmosphere

Teak is the material of choice for timeless outdoor furniture in various styles. Moreover, Jati & Kebon's teak wood has been carefully selected for superior quality furniture that will last for generations. Our range contains teak in the original color with a warm and natural look. And also a greywash variant, for a rural or maritime touch. Our teak collection is unparalleled in quality and versatility. You will find tough, robust models with us. And also stylish, sophisticated pieces.

Rope – quality fiber with a natural look

Our Italian rope is extremely high quality, fully recyclable and non-toxic. The rope is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The rope is extremely resistant to bacteria, moisture and sunlight. In addition, it is extremely light, washable and easier to maintain.
Combine the seats and sofas with sturdy and weather-resistant cushions in a range of attractive colours. To bathe in glamor and stretch out and lounge in style.