Correct size protective cover.

How to measure?

The right size

To guarantee that your protective cover fits, it is important to take the correct measurements. Read here how to select the right protective cover.


First, consider in which arrangement you want to cover your set. For example, you can leave a corner lounge set in a corner arrangement. For this you use a lounge set cover in an L-shape. You put the table in the sofa.

You can also choose to slide the elements against each other. For this you use a rectangular lounge set cover.

To measure:

In the correct arrangement, measure the outer, longest dimensions. For example, with a garden set you measure:

  1. The length. Over the table including the back of the chairs
  2. The width. Over the table including the side of the chairs
  3. The height. this is generally the height of the back of the chair

When measuring your garden furniture or bbq, take into account some slack for covering and removing your protective cover.

Garden furniture comes in many different shapes and sizes, so you will not always find the exact size. In that case, take the nearest larger size. In general, a garden furniture cover can be slightly larger than the garden furniture on each side. More than 20cm on one side is generally too much. As a result, a cover can flap in the wind and the cover will not last as long. If you do buy a larger cover, make sure you secure the cover to prevent flapping in the wind.