Lowest price guarantee

Lowest price guarantee

If, despite our competitive prices, you have found a product cheaper elsewhere, we will gladly adjust our prices.


  • At the time of your purchase, mention that you have seen a current lower price elsewhere, show that it meets the conditions below, and we will immediately adjust the price.


I. As for the products

  • The products must be new, undamaged and identical (from the same manufacturer or brand)
  • The product must have identical warranty conditions
  • The products of the other point of sale must also be able to be delivered quickly
  • Not applicable to products from bankruptcies, clearance sales, stock sales, end-of-series sales, promotions (such as sales) or showroom models

II. About the other store

  • The other point of sale must be a physical store in Belgium located within a radius of 50 km around Jarderi.

III. Check

  • The lower selling price must be able to be checked by us to see if it is indeed the same products with the same service conditions