Marbella Plus Floating Parasol 300x300 Olefin parasol + base + cover | charcoal
Marbella Plus Floating Parasol 300x300 Olefin parasol + base + cover | charcoal
Marbella Plus Floating Parasol 300x300 Olefin parasol + base + cover | charcoal
Marbella Plus Floating Parasol 300x300 Olefin parasol + base + cover | charcoal

Marbella Plus Floating Parasol 300x300 Olefin parasol + base + cover | charcoal

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Fashion model Marbella plus floating parasol 300x300
Brand Sunlimited - Design by Jardinico
Form Square
Mate 300x300cm
Frame material
Rotating mechanism Yes
Cloth material
Color frame
black matte
Color cloth
Tiltable Sideways & Backwards
Rotatable 360° rotatable
Protective cover Yes - inclusive
Parasol base Yes - inclusive
Parasol base size 85x85x7cm
Parasol base weight 120kg
Mobile Yes
type of wheels 4x swivel castors with brake
Packing Parasol 262 x 38 x 18.5cm
Guarantee 2 years

Delivery of your parasol.

-> We deliver everything FREE to the terrace* as standard. However, on the ground floor and always with a passage of at least 90 cm.

-> The assembly of the parasol base is always free, if you would like to have the entire parasol assembled, you pay a supplement of €50.

* With an apartment or a house, garden with stairs, we will check with you whether we can still do this for free. For this, it is best to contact us.

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What is UPF?

UPF stands for Ultra violet Protection Factor of fabrics. The UPF therefore indicates the extent to which a parasol cloth blocks UV radiation.

The UPF classifications used are:

UPF 40 to 50+
Excellent protection (99+ to 97.5% UV resistant)
UPF 25 to 35 Good protection (97.5% to 95.9% UV resistant)
UPF 15 to 20 Reasonable protection (94% to 93.75% UV resistant):

Various parasol cloths

Different fabrics therefore have different UPF values. We would like to list them for you:

  • Polyester
    Polyester is a synthetic fiber from which parasol cloths are made. This substance is usually used to
    to push the price. The quality is usually expressed in grams/m2. 180 grams/m2, for example, is too low as a quality for a parasol cloth. The disadvantage of this type of parasol cloth is that discoloration is often visible after one summer. If a thick cloth (220 grams per m2 or heavier) is used, a polyester cloth can last for years and only a
    discolouration of the cloth will become visible, but it will retain its strength. All our polyester parasols have a grammage of 240 grams/m², the UPF value is 35+ and blocks up to 95% of UV rays. Example in our offer: Valencia
  • Oh life
    Olefin is a widely used material for the fabric of medium to high quality parasols and is made from synthetic yarn. Because these yarns are colored during the production process, the cloth retains its color longer than a polyester cloth. In addition, the cloth retains 97% of the
    against UV radiation. Olefin has a light shine and a somewhat stiffer appearance than an acrylic canvas.
    A cloth made of Olefin is particularly strong and resistant to tearing. Olefin usually has a UPF value of 40 to 50+ and even in most cases UPF 50+. Example in our offer: Marbella, Malaga
  • Sunbrella
    Acrylic is a very suitable material for parasol cloths. It is made of synthetic fiber and the threads are colored during the process, so that a through-and-through colored cloth is created. Acrylic is sold under various brand names. The most famous acrylic brand is Sunbrella. Sunbrella fabrics are characterized by the very high UPF value, which means that the fabric blocks 99% of UV light. Other characteristics of the fabric are that it is water-repellent and that it is difficult for bacteria and fungi to adhere to the fabric. An acrylic canvas will
    in many cases keep its color for 10 years. The UPF value of Sunbrella is almost always UPF 50+. Example in our range: Monaco, Antego, Azore, Kingston and the Caractère series.

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to the terrace

Did you know that we deliver free of charge to the terrace? We also take care of the installation of the parasol base.

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